Sexual Harassment Lawyer – Examples of Inappropriate Activities

Putting together a case is not always easy for a sexual harassment lawyer. Just like any other portion of the law, not everything is black and white when it comes to right and wrong. There are many shades of gray, and it is often up to a judge or jury to determine whether or not what took place was inappropriate. However, there are some activities that are clearly wrong, and it is possible to punish the culprit when the case is presented in a way that provides clear evidence of what happened.

Inappropriate Communication

When a person, man or woman, attempts to communicate with another person in a way that addresses any type of issues revolving around sex, the person can be found guilty and be held accountable. Whether it is a face-to-face conversation or multiple emails and letters, speaking to someone in a way that makes him or her uncomfortable is not okay. Even phone calls can become an issue. These communications can take place at work; however, the situation often comes up in other settings as well.

If a victim can document any of these incidents, it makes things a little easier for the sexual harassment lawyer. The tape recording of the phone calls or messages or the printed out emails can be brought to court and used to show that actions of the other person. If the incidents took place in a face-to-face situation, it helps to have a witness to the situation that would be willing to come up and explain what he or she saw.

Physical Contact

When words are taken too far, they can turn into a physical altercation. Being touched inappropriately can cause a victim to put together a case and attempt the prosecution of the culprit. In some instance, the victim may be eligible for compensation. A sexual harassment lawyer can show evidence of a physical altercation by showing medical documentation that lists out what if any injuries were sustained along with witness testimony from someone that saw what happened. While certain instances ofappropriate actions include rape or assault, even inappropriate touching or unwanted affection is considered to be something that can be bought up in court.

It is not always easy for a person to go out and retain the services of a sexual harassment lawyer. Sometimes the victim fears for his or her job and worries about the consequences of making an accusation of someone at work. Others worry that they will be hurt even more if a person learns that they have told someone about the incident. It is important that a sexual harassment lawyer set the client's mind at ease and explain why it is so important to pursue a case.

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