The Public Service Commission of Kenya

The public service commission of Kenya is charged with the recruitment of the civil service and the local authorities. Its vision is "to be a world class constitutional body in the provision of a globally competitive human resource that serves the needs of Kenyans." It is led by a chairman and secretary who oversees the functions of the commission. These functions include: Recruitment of civil service staff local authority, administrative functions such as the firing, firing, promotion or demotion of the staff and handling all diplomatic matters. Moreover it handles the retirement and human resource auditing of the civil service and all local authorities.

The Kenyan constitution states that "the commission shall, in the exercise of its functions under this constitution, not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority." Thus the Constitution empowers the public service commission of Kenya to appoint persons to hold or act in public service offices and local authority positions. Kenyans therefore have to have confidence the appointments made will have a positive impact in their lives.

It is the job of the public service commission to issue and administer the code of conduct and ethics for all civil services including police force, national youth service and employees in all state corporations. The police force does not have the reputation of always upholding the law and this has been a great problem for the commission. Corruption in Kenya is said to be at its highest among the police force. The corruption can be attributed to the low salary the police claim is not reasonable. The commission does not have the mandate to strictly determine the payment of salaries. This is credited to the Finance Ministry which accepts negotiations through the commission.

The public service commission consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman and fifteen members. All these members are appointed by the president and can there only only be relieved of duty by the president. The commission has setup a website that allows people to check for vacancies in the civil service and state corporations. The commission also uses the local newspapers to advertise vacancies.

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